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To optimize the plates and slabs, we have software for Nesting. With the help of the software and the CNC you get the best accommodation and use of the material.

We have stocks of roll plate to save, commercial slabs like R-36 and stocks in all sizes from 1/4 inch.

Laser cut

Operated by Trumpf
Our professional grase TRUMPF MACHINES, are the perfect tool for all cutting, welding and surface treatment needs. Its presition cutting; allowes for a smooth and clean work on any surface and preventing material damages.

Flat surface
On the 5x10ft 2d laser cutting machines, works on a super dynamic and high speed plus axis, this way process time gets optimized as follow:
  • Maximum simultaneous speed X/V: 5,095 inches by minute
  • Maximum plate thickness: 0.79 inches
  • Laser (CO2) TRUMPF 400 Watts
  • Operating range: 120 x 60 x 4.5 inches​

Laser cutting advantages
  • Reduces cycle times
  • Improves processing sequence
  • Provides clean cutting, precision, no oxidation nor slag on stainless stell and carbon stell process
  • Offers a superb + - .005 tolerance
  • Provides a very low cutting groove, the edges are free of burrs and cutting speed is of high standards


Is operated on a CNC Gear providing Custom cuts

Client designs are welcome, you can forward your requirements via email file, autocad and other video or photographic files. This way we ensure that cuts are up to client standards and expectations. We cut on “Burny and pro-motion equipment” We can accommodate both small production needs as well as thick grade cutting up to 10” thick.


Curtain press
This press offers flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness in the bending of parts, guaranteeing the best quality from the first to the last bending piece.

Available tonnage: 144 tons
Folded Length: 127 inches
Speed (forward): 520 inches per minute
Travel speed: 522 inches per minute


Trumatic punching machine 2020R
Fast and precise, with automatic loading and unloading system.

Punching force: 20 tons
Maximum simultaneous speed: 4300 inches / min.
Maximum stroke range: 900 / min. 360 ° rotation of tool: 3 rotations
Maximum plate thickness: 0.25 inches
Tool stations: (190) Multi-tool, 2 fasteners
Operating range (x, y): 100 x 50 inches.


We have our own means of transport such as Pick-up trucks, Torton and Trailers to meet the delivery requirements of our customers.

We offer home delivery. (L.A.B.) in the Monterrey metropolitan area, we have specialized vehicles to support the service, as well as a wide range of transport providers.

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