At Vydacero we always seek to provide the best service and quality in terms of our products, which is why we have the equipment and spearhead technology in the market, thus managing to meet the requirements of our customers.

1 CNC pantograph mod. 2004 Oxicorte; Console Promotion; Bed 96x440 "cut up to 10" thick.

1 Laser TRUMPF brand mod. 2005; cut up to 3/4 of esp. in AC and ý in Inox.

2 CNC pantographs mod. 2003 Oxicorte; Burny console; 96x240 ”bed.

2 Punching machines TRUMPF 2020R mod. 2005 and 2007.

1 Plasma Bordon 96x240 high definition.

1 TRUMPF Press mod. 2005

2 Durma presses mod. 2007 & 2008

1 Casanova Shear

1 Cincinati Shear

1 Tube bender

1 Close Tape

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